“Sarah Dohrmann’s nonfiction writing workshop ‘Diving into the Wreck’ is an experience unparalleled to any other kind of class or tutorial I’ve ever done. Through a combination of practical, specific prompts and the intimacy of spending time in a small trusted group, I was able to find my confidence and voice as a writer. I learned that telling and writing our stories is not only a personal journey, but a communal process that is like medicine for the psyche. Doing this work has allowed me to shed light on my past, break through my sense of isolation, and appreciate the magic of the written word in a fundamentally more profound way. This workshop is for those both brave and shy, reticent or outspoken, for anyone who is ready to understand the power of the stories we write ourselves into from the day we are born.” —Liza Buzystky

“The incredible mix of women present, the intimate, comfy setting, the day/time, Sarah’s commitment and passion for the writing/feedback process, the call to courageously face those aspects of our lives that may feel difficult or scary—the assumption that this is where we strike gold were for me especially effective!”
—Adjoa Jones de Almeida

"The thing that really stuck with me was learning to be open about uncertainty. I used to think I had to really have something figured out to write an essay about it, but I realized you mostly will never have anything figured out, and if you think you do, you should probably dig deeper and take the reader on that dig with you." —Emily Smith

“The way we describe our suffering IS ART. I never allowed myself to see my autobiographical writing as art because I felt I was being self-indulgent by telling stories about my life. What if it wasn't 'painful' enough to merit contemplation and all the intellectual work that comes with writing?” —Shivani Manghnani

“As a result of this workshop I learned that I enjoy my own writing voice. I learned this on day one during a fifteen minute free write, and that knowledge gave me confidence to attempt many subsequent pieces. I also learned to give myself permission to just say it, and then go back and edit, versus editing all the good stuff away and never completing. I also learned to time myself, otherwise completion may never come."
—Ananda Ambrose

"I learned how to open up my writing, to choose meaning over beauty, to allow myself to be seen."
—Erika Anderson

"This workshop helped me find new ways into the story I'm trying to tell. It provided high-level inspiration as well as practical advice—and above all, it made me feel connected even while exploring the most personal of topics." —Aleksa Brown

"This workshop was an incredible safe space which allowed for major vulnerability. I value spaces like this, especially with women! I really appreciated Sarah's kind of 'hands-off' style. She's a good guide. It's clear that she is supporting you to step into YOUR voice more fully." —Morgan Cousins